The Creation of Get Money Give Love is to spire minds, drive hearts and push the limits of creativity through positivity and collective collaborations.  We here at GMGL,LLC focus on all your entertainment needs such as talent bookings, photography, videography, graphics design, live events and audio recording.  We also offer apparel and general merchandise that promotes our brand worldwide.  Our overall goal at GMGL,LLC is to connect with communities and help guide our youth, explore the possibilities of goals and blossom clients to extreme achievement all while focusing on positivity and inner growth!



       We provide the highest quality of video production for the lowest prices in the business.  We take your video production and even commercial projects to the next level with easy access to award-winning videographers.  We specialize in forbidden locations, exceptional equipment, and extreme experienced creative videographers.  Our team is always ready to book your next shoot.  Contact us immediately so we can get started on your next project and get you to the next level.   

"Capturing the Moment"  

    We here at Get Money Give Love LLC, as you can see, we take great pride in our photography department.  We believe in capturing the perfect moment every time we snap a picture.  In photography people have always focused on taking tons of pictures hoping to get the right shots but us on the other hand really believe in the catch phrase "Quality over quanity."  Our photographers don't take a million photos and hope for the best.  We specialize in caputing the perfect moment rather then click, click, click.  When we are involved in taking pictures we take care of everything including the locations, backdrops, and atmosphere depending on what type of visuals you are trying to capture.