The Creation of Get Money Give Love LLC is dedicated to helping others in need all over the world engaging communities and its youth by ways of music to promote positivity in there neighborhoods.  We blend the vibes of entertainment with the act of charity in many ways because we believe everyone no matter the circumstances should be afforded the right to experience the arts.  Our team is involved in lending a hand in a wide variety of charitable work connecting with celebrities, sports athletes, and communities worldwide.  Led by our fearless leader, hip hop recording artist "Joey Doyles" we have traveled all over promoting undiscovered talents, empowering people from all walks of life, feeding the homeless, contributed to the donations of school supplies for kids, the hosting of free music events to the public, lending hands in cleaning communities up, all in a big strive for peace.   We push to inspire minds, drive hearts, and destroy the barriers of creativity through the actions of positivity.  We also focus on all your entertainment needs such as photography, videography, graphics design, live events, merchandising, and audio recording.  Our entertainment clients are provided exactly what is needed for them to grow their crafts and businesses.  We will not rest until your creations are exposed to the world and violence is a thing of the past.  We also offer apparel that is making huge strides in the fashion industry which helps to promote our family worldwide.  Our overall goal at GMGL is to connect with individuals to help build our communities, explore the possibilities of opportunities through positive connection and blossom our clients to extreme achievement all while focusing on educating our youth about the realities of life and capabilities of inner growth.    

​​Come connect with the connected. 20+ years of connecting the dots and making big plays. The music. The Apparel. The Brand. ​​